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The Transformations program has been uniquely designed to guide and support you through what will quite possibly be the hardest, yet most rewarding journey of your life.
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Whether you have come to us for the treatment of Drug and Alcohol dependency, depression, eating disorders or other life altering conditions, we have constructed every phase of our faith-based program model with you in mind. Because we want to provide you the utmost support and best possible chance to make it through to the fulfilled life that God will guide you to on the other side.

Structure of the Program

The program has been cohesively designed in four (4) phases, at an average of twelve weeks each and its structure is underpinned by not only our faith, but four (4) core elements of recovery: Psychological, Spiritual, Physical, and Behavioural. Through each of the phases, the utmost importance is placed on integrating and interacting with your fellow disciples, to better serve each other on the path to recovery. This enforces social and psychological change, with our residents highly involved with and dependent on each other.
Applicants to the program will be required to undergo stages of assessment to determine their suitability and eligibility to enter the Transformations program.

Program overview

The program is made up of four phases and the average duration of each stage is twelve weeks:

Assessment Phase

This is the initial phase of the program - a two week period:

● Residents of the program will have the chance to get familiar with their new surroundings.
● This is a time of restricted access with your usual outside environment.
● The purpose of this phase is to cut all ties with your previous life; habits, relationships, and anything else that ties you to your old habits.
● During this period, you will be provided with all the support you need to get into a routine and on the path to recovery.
● You will be assigned a senior resident to keep you on track, because we know that recovery isn’t always as easy as making the decision to do so.

FIRST STAGE - Physical & Emotional


During the first official stage of the program, residents:

●      Begin to experience the benefits of a drug-free and relief-fuelled environment.
●      Gain an understanding of basic human behaviours and developing life skills.
●      Make informed choices about future treatment, needs and options.
● Receive education on issues such as relapse prevention, relaxation, harms minimalisation, infectious diseases, basic nutrition, conflict resolution etc.
●   Will participate in foundation sessions on anger, shame, grief and loss, fear and guilt, self-esteem etc.

SECOND STAGE - Emotional & Spiritual


During the second stage of the program, residents continue their recovery in a psychological sense. The emphasis during this stage is on emotional and spiritual growth, with the support of other residents and staff. It is:

● A time of increased feelings of self-awareness, self-worth, gaining self-confidence in decision-making, and learning through consequential thinking.
● A time of restructuring lifestyles, developing healthy attitudes, activities and setting realistic goals.
● A time of exchanging false belief systems and learning Cognitive Behaviour Therapy through self-regulating behaviour.
● A time of acknowledging and addressing core issues, including; past trauma, grief, loss and shame.
● A time of assuming greater responsibility for personal recovery, involvement in the running of the Community, and supporting "newcomers" to the program.

THIRD STAGE - Behavioural, Emotional & Spiritual


The third stage is where the residents:

● Take on a role of responsibility for the overall running of the program.
● Learn people skills, stress management and time management.
● Get a better understanding of selfless behaviour.
● Can better self-assess and identify power and control issues within their behaviour and belief systems.
● Begin the process of networking and discussing an exit plan with staff to move into their transition phase.

FOURTH STAGE - Transition back into the community


During this phase, residents move into another house and have a supported structure for integration back into the outside world. The residents in this level of the program are:

●      Required to volunteer their time in some areas of the Transformations program.
●      Required to be actively seek employment or vocational training.
●      Required to attend certain groups within the program.
●      Required to be actively checking-in and accountable to the staff.

FIFTH STAGE - The leadership stage


This stage will position residents to:

● Live a clean and sober life.
● Be a positive influence in their community
● Build positive relationships and healthy boundaries
● Hold a spiritual foundation through prayer, the Bible, and networking with like-minded people
● Journey on a faith-based discipleship that will help you to welcome God into your life to guide you through the challenges ahead


The graduation ceremony is a momentous occasion for the participant of the Program, as well as his or her family and loved ones. It is an opportunity for all friends and family to join our graduates in celebration of their incredible dedication and achievement.

It is the first step towards new beginnings, following their completion of the Transformations Program.

Because this is a moment to remember, we will have a photographer and videographer on hand to document the day.

There will also be staff, volunteers, and the director of the campus available to make sure you have the support you need to mark this incredible achievement.

The Transformations program has achieved a 
77% Success rate with patients.


Jeremy Cheslin - Graduate 2017

Within 2 years of using ice I lost everything, went to jail twice and racked up a bunch of criminal charges, finally in a cry for help I found Transformations and have been completely restored! Praise God!

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Additional Resources
The pdf's below are some additional resources for you to read about the program.

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