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The road to recovery can only truly be described by those who have walked the path themselves. We’ve gathered several case studies from our former disciples who can share firsthand how their journey through the Transformation program has changed their lives.
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Elaine - Graduate 2017

I only started doing drugs at the age of 35 after I left my husband of 18 years and was a single parent to my teenage son and daughter. My family were all living in South Africa so I found solace in drugs, men and work. Work consisted of my normal 9-5 job and then dealing drugs which did not help my addiction and started losing myself in all the deceit that comes with trying to live a double life. In the end, I lost my children and grandchildren to my addiction to ice, sex and gambling, I was slowly killing myself.

Doing the Transformations Program was my saving grace as it helped me realise that I am not my behaviour and actually change them. I have learned to be compassionate towards people and God has shown me that I have purpose. I have a relationship now with my children and work for Transformations Program Australia.

Jeremy Cheslin - Graduate 2017

At the age of 15 I started smoking weed and drinking alcohol, by the age of 16 it was an everyday event and grew into something I couldn't do without, which ended up ruining my relationship with my son and his mother, leaving me devastated. I started using ice and I was instantly hooked. Within 2 years of using ice I lost everything, went to jail twice and racked up a bunch of criminal charges, finally in a cry for help I found Transformations and have been completely restored! Praise God!

Tricia Barry - Graduate 2016

Before coming to Transformations, I just existed to escape from this pain and I would self medicate. From a young age, I learnt to abuse people, any prescription medication, illicit drugs and alcohol. I took no ownership over my life and thoughts about suicide were a common occurrence in my daily life.  After coming to Transformations, I know now that there is an important purpose for my life, that life is worth living and that I don’t need to escape because now I live in freedom, I now choose to spend the rest of my life praising my Lord Jesus Christ.

Troy Evans - Graduate 2017

I grew up in a broken family, I was always looking for something and when I found pot, speed, alcohol and ecstasy, at age 15, I thought I had found the answer to my problems. It was only the start of a long destructive journey that consumed all my time, money, efforts, family and friends, leaving me empty, broken, alone and suicidal.
Transformations and Christ has given me hope and my self-esteem, my family and the desire to live, back again. I have decided to lay my life down to serve.

Tahlia Russell - Graduate 2017

I was raised in a home of drugs and violence and was abused by my father as a child and rejected by him. I grew up with severe depression and anger. I would self harm and beat myself black and blue to deal with the mental and emotional suffering but it was never enough so I turned to drugs and alcohol to cope which lead to suicide attempts and being heavily medicated to get through each day. I became addicted to ice and marijuana and my life was a living nightmare. I had lost myself so long ago that I didn't know who I was and couldn't recognise the person I had become. I didn't know how to accept love and never felt worthy of receiving it. I hated myself and was at the end of my tether with life

I came to Transformations in 2015 and it literally saved my life! I've since graduated the program and feel excited and hopeful about my future. I no longer suffer from mental illness and have been completely set free from my destructive lifestyle! I live my life for Jesus and now work in the ministry giving back what was given to me! I was literally loved back to life through God's grace and mercy!

Bryce Major - Graduate 2017

Grew up too quickly in a home where I was torn between my mum and dad, I ended up doing anything to escape the pain that my daily life came with. I quickly turned to pot at the age of 13. From then selling and using was my life until I came to Transformations and my life was completely changed. Now I live with hope.

Brent Lucas - Graduate 2017

I was addicted to drugs at the age of 16. My drug use just escalated as I was getting older. Before coming into Transformations, I was addicted to ice for 5 years and in that time I lost everything. I could not stay out of prison for longer than 2 months as I was heavily involved in crime to fund my habit. Transformations has turned my life around dramatically. I now look forward to my future.

Emily Duncan 

I am a PK that grew up in 4 countries, primarily in the slums of Manila, Philippines. I was ashamed of and rebelled against God and my family from a young age and as a result lived in a lot of self-inflicted pain. I decided to find my identity through drugs and alcohol from the age of 13. I suffered eating disorders and was consistently in dysfunctional abusive relationships. I hated myself and ended up with severe depression and anxiety and was suicidal. I found God and recovery at Transformations 6 years ago and have not left. I love the Transformations Family and I love serving as a leader. My life is devoted to others and I have found my purpose. I love being alive now.

Matthew Buttler  
Transformations Patient

I first got drunk at 10 years old. After being sexually abused and losing my Father to suicide at 15 I found marijuana at 17, then by 23 using all drugs at some point.  I experienced extensive periods of homelessness, mental illness, and suicidal attempts battling not to take my own life daily.
After multiple attempts to stay clean, I found Transformations in 2014 and then graduated the program in 2015.  My relationships with my family have been restored.  I am free from all mental illness and now able to help others find freedom through God.  I have a plan and purpose for my life currently serving in ministry.

Marc Ross Axelby  
Transformations Patient

I grew up around drugs, alcohol and violence. I thought it was ok to drink take drugs and be violent. I started smoking and drinking at 13, by the time I was 15 I was on heroin and committing crimes to support my habit. I have been in and out of jail for the last 10 years. 
I came to Transformations in April 2015 and I'm a totally different  person. I don't drink, smoke of even swear anymore. I know that I'm a child of God and that I'm loved. For the first time in my life I am happy and look forward to my future where ever God leads me.

Rachel Mills  
Transformations Patient

At the age of 13 I was using drugs and drinking excessively, I attended 14 different schools before leaving school at age 14. I had no goals or vision for myself in life. I had became promiscuous at a young age and I was raped 6 times between the ages of 13-16. I continued using alcohol, amphetamines and MDMA. At 19 I took steps to get clean and succeeded to a point but I lived in an internal torment because of the abuse. 

At the age of 28 I found Transformations in Surfers Paradise. Since then I have received the love, support and teaching the program has to offer. I no longer turn to drugs, alcohol or unhealthy life style choices. I now value my self and my future, I have experienced a freedom that I have not had before. I now see my past as a way to help others and not something that I have to hide from because I not only look free, I am free.

Jayde Lampard  
Transformations Patient

I grew up in a home with drug addicted parents and I was sexually abused from the age of 4. I was kicked out of home at the age of 14 and this is when I began to binge drink and smoke marijuana, which soon led to smoking amphetamines and trying to fill the emptiness with men. Fast forward a few years and I was injecting ice and living a life of domestic violence, drug abuse and suicide attempts. By the time I arrived at Transformations 16 months ago, I was a very broken woman with no hope left. I had lost everything I ever cared about and I no longer recognised the person I had become. I have now finally got healing and freedom from the many things that held me in bondage over the years. I'm now looking forward to a happy, healthy future with my children. None of this would have been possible without Transformations.

Matthew Russell
Transformations Patient

Before Transformations my life was becoming increasingly unmanageable, alcohol had its grip on me and things were spiralling out of control. Since completing my program, I can honestly say that I am now free from addiction. My life is back on track, and I have hope in my heart and a passion for the future.

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