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About Transformations

At Transformations Program Australia, we adopt a holistic and faith based approach in relieving homelessness, destitution and addiction. 
We believe that anybody can have a “transformation” if we allow and can create a space for it to happen. Misdeeds and mistakes should not define one’s life. It is our hope that through our Transformations community and the delivery of our programs, we are able to encourage and inspire individuals to live a life that maximises their potential, a life with purpose and a life of freedom from the dependence of any person, behaviour, chemical, illicit substance or destructive pattern of thinking.

What we do

Transformations Program Australia is a not-for-profit, faith-based, non-government charity established in 1999 by founder and Executive Director, Michael Barrett. 
With the core focus of providing residential rehabilitation services to aid those suffering at the hands of drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness, destitution, prostitution, mental health issues and crime, Transformations delivers a unique Rehabilitation Program that not only provides recovery accommodation to participants, but also a myriad of faith-based supportive services to guide the participant’s journey towards their higher God-given purpose. These services include counselling and building practical skills on issues such as conflict resolution, communication, literature, numeracy, workplace ethics, identity and self-worth. 
In fostering a supportive, safe, therapeutic and empowering community, the “Transformations” program exists to help restore and transform lives that feel broken, and providing the destitute “a hand up and not just a handout”.

About the Founder - Michael Barrett

Fuelled with a passion to help mend the pieces of our broken society, Michael Barrett (Our Founder and Executive Director) created the Transformations program with one aim in mind: to help those most in need to begin the journey of putting their lives back together.
Michael too was once a broken man. The endless cycle of addiction had left him with nothing and no-one, making it difficult to even imagine a light at the end of the tunnel. Like all would-be recovering addicts, Michael started with nothing. But then in 1999, through his faith, he finally found the strength to take a proactive step and change his life for the better.

The first steps

He opened up his home to those in need, started support groups, and provided those who yearned for help with the greatest opportunity – somewhere to begin. That was the beginning of a ripple effect that led to the establishment of Transformations Program Australia. Once his local church heard about his transformational work, they supported him by providing the much needed structure to the program so that a proper faith-based support system could be established for those most in need. Eventually, the church gave him a small house where he could live and work, and build the seven basic rules over 10 years that has built the foundations of his program.

Success to date

Our Transformations program is based on a model which has achieved the highest success rate globally on rehabilitating destructive patterns. To date, we have achieved a 77% success rate with our participants.





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