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In providing a structured, safe and supportive environment, Transformations Program Australia, aims to relieve homelessness, destitution, and addiction through a holistic, therapeutic, faith-based model.

Founded on a Therapeutic Community Model, our signature Transformations Program has been designed to drive positive and constructive social and psychological change in individuals whose lives seem unmanageable.

By providing ongoing psychological, spiritual, physical and behavioural peer to peer residential rehabilitation services, we help individuals from all walks of life find and live a life with purpose.


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Within 2 years of using ice I lost everything, went to jail twice and racked up a bunch of criminal charges, finally in a cry for help, I found Transformations and have been completely restored.

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Our Transformations program is based on a model which has achieved the highest success rate globally rehabilitating destructive patterns.

To date, we have achieved a 77% success rate with our participants.



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